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How to Use the Solar Quadration Charts

The Solar Quadration Charts provides easy access for cardologers everywhere to all the spreads. Available on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet – anywhere, anytime!

Whether you are a novice interested in your Destiny or a certified practitioner, you will find these charts extremely valuable and user friendly. Click on any card and the card will open in a lightbox with a basic interpretation of the card.

Use the Birth Card Chart to find your Birth Card. You may wish to read more about your Birth Card while on this page. You can also look up your Planetary Ruling Card on this chart and look up those spreads to reveal more information for your reading. For the more adventurous student or practitioner, these spreads can be used for the Karma Cards readings also.

The Chart Menu found on several of my web pages will bring you back to the Solar Quadration Charts where you can select the Spiritual Spread, Life Spread or Ages 0 – 90.

Locate your Birth Card on the chart you wish to study. All of the Solar Quadration Charts are read from right to left and then down. See the blue arrows in the image below. If you are on the Neptune row (bottom row) you will need to continue back up to the Crown Line and begin with the first card on the right.


The Planetary Influences for the cards go in order moving left from your Birth Card. Take into consideration these influences with the basic meaning of each particular card. In order: 1) Sun (Birth Card), 2) Mercury, 3) Venus, 4) Mars, 5) Jupiter, 6) Saturn, 7) Uranus, and 8) Neptune. Your Moon Card will be the card to the right (or behind) the Birth Card according to Robert Camp’s methods. This Moon Card placement is taken into consideration in his methods for relationship readings.

The expanded spread is the 13-Card Spread extending the cards to 9) Pluto, 10) Cosmic Reward, 11) Cosmic Lesson, 12) Cosmic Moon and 13) Transformed Self. These additional cards are denoted by the darker orange arrow.

Whenever you are looking at a person’s spread, no matter which chart you are viewing you will always begin with the Birth Card and move from right to left and down to the next row to continue from Mercury through Neptune, and I like to include the Pluto and Cosmic Reward cards.

If you wish to see the Planetary Ruling Card or Karma Card spreads you would begin with that card as your first card and then the next card to the left will be it’s Mercury Card, etc. just as you would if it was the Birth Card spread.  You can find the Planetary Ruling Card here.

To find the Karma Cards for any card go to the Life Spread and look for the 2 smaller cards beneath the card. The card at the bottom left is the First Karma Card and the card at the bottom right is the Second Karma Card. Please note the King of Spades, Jack of Hearts and Eight of Clubs are Fixed Cards and never move nor have Karma Cards. The Ace of Clubs/Two of Hearts and Seven of Diamonds/Nine of Hearts are Semi-Fixed Cards are twins that exchange places each year. When looking at these cards you should also look at their twin card for interpretation as they are tied so closely together.

Look up the Birth Cards of people you know. If they show up in your cards, they may be playing prominent roles in a particular year or life spread.

For a more in-depth look into your cards, schedule a Reading Consultation and order one of the Destiny Card Reports. Check out the Destiny Cards Combo Reports or any of the Love Cards Reports for your Intimate Relationship, Friends and Family or Business Compatibility Reports.

You will find more information on the Destiny Cards in the About the Cards section. This is where additional pages will be added. Watch for the section on Karma Cards coming soon. Books on the cards are available in my Online Store.

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