Kathaleen Bentkowski

Know Your Destiny CardsNine of Clubs / Two of Hearts
Meet Kathaleen – Being a Nine of Clubs Birth Card, I am the Card of Universal Knowledge and the Giver of Knowledge. How wonderfully accurate this card fits me, as I have been gathering and sharing knowledge all of my life. I am always looking for new ways to empower others and myself. Knowledge and experience offers choice and gives you the option to see different possibilities and new avenues of direction.

I am on a spiritual journey. I believe we are all on a spiritual journey and we incarnate into this lifetime to learn lessons, work out our karma and grow spiritually. I will help you take a closer look at your life path and open your eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead. The clients that come to me are special and there is purpose in our connecting, although we may not always know why. Nothing happens by accident!

My background is wide and varied. I first discovered the Destiny Cards System in 2006. Finding the cards so accurate I began my studies and cardiology practice. I am a Certified Magi Counselor trained and certified in the Science of the Cards system. I am a former Founding Member of the International Association of Cardology and I dabble in astrology and numerology. My Planetary Ruling Card is the Two of Hearts. This card is about emotions, love, compassion, harmony and relationships. The influence of this card allows me to be a co-active partner with you for your spiritual growth. I am a co-active life and relationship coach and focus on Spiritual Coaching and self-empowerment. I want to empower you to make your own decisions. I utilize my astrology resources to understand you better. You are intelligent and loving. You do not need to base your life on what others think you should do, have, or be. I will help you to move out of a stagnant life, and stop living life by default. Autopilot will not make you fulfilled and happy. I want to give you the tools for you to help yourself.

The Destiny Cards system is a structured system that works well with my astrology background. In both modalities there is no guess work as to what cards, planetary influences and other energies are at any given time. Besides their accuracy, this is one of the main reasons I love working with the cards. The Destiny Cards and Love Cards Reports, Readings and Consultations allow me to reach out to all parts of the world and connect with you through Skype and the technology of today.

I am forever grateful and honored to help you know yourself better and assist you in finding your true path and purpose.


Knowledge, Experience, and Self-Understanding Can Change Your Life!