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Auspicious YearsReading Consultation – 30 minutes — $100

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Delve into a deeper understanding of the cards life has dealt you!

Schedule a reading to learn more about what the Destiny Cards show that may impact your life.

During a reading, I will tell you about your Life and Yearly personal cards and what you may expect now and going forward for the next year.

Although you are not your “card”, with this Destiny Cards System we know your past, present, and future cards, and what significant energetic influences are in your life now, and when things may happen in the future. This reading is tailored personally to your life as relayed through your various Destiny Cards Spreads.

fantasy-guyAlthough not carved in stone, this system is amazingly accurate. It helps you understand how to make objective choices and guides you in knowing what energetic influences affect your life. This reading gives you a level of awareness that leads to a change that is desired and puts the control of your life back into your hands. For all of us it is inevitable we are going to change and evolve and it comes through conscious awareness that we make positive choices. The cards give you a way to increase that awareness of yourself.

Reading Consultation – 30 minutes — $100


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All US Domestic calls are by phone and International calls are via Skype. Your reading is recorded, barring any technical difficulties, and a link to a MP3 recording of your reading will be emailed to you as a bonus. If you have any questions, or are not redirected to PayPal for your payment, please contact me. Thank you.