Destiny Cards Reading

Auspicious YearsReading Consultation – 45 minutes — $125


Delve into a deeper understanding of the cards life has dealt you!

Although you are not your “card”, this system is so accurate we can tell from the day you were born, what significant circumstances may show up in your life, and when things may happen in the future. This reading is tailored personally to your specific questions and circumstances and then expanded upon to show you things you may not even think of asking.

The energy of the cards in your life comes through with valuable information and amazing accuracy. Any of the Destiny Cards Reports are very insightful. In a reading I take a much deeper look into your life because I access your Life Spread, 7-Year Spread, Yearly Spread, Weekly Spread of your Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card and your Karma Cards. and other information not available in a report.

What do you really want to know? What is going on in your life right now that you may need guidance? Although I call these the Destiny Cards, I am actually looking at the influences affecting your life to give you an awareness of what is in store for you. With this knowledge you can make informed choices to move your life in a positive direction and be prepared for any challenges and gifts that come your way. Each year on your birthday the cards change positions and bring new gifts and challenges to your new year.

  • What are the challenges you are facing?
  • How does karma affect your life?
  • What are the best times to prosper and the best times to lay low?
  • Are there any health or work challenges?
  • Is now the time to expand your business?
  • What is your life purpose?
  • When may you meet your soul mate?
  • Why is “this” person in your life right now?
  • And much more…

fantasy-guyThe cards allow you to see the patterns you have been doing repeatedly. To see them allows you to change those programmed patterns. This reading gives you a level of awareness that leads to a change that is desired, and puts the control of your life back into your hands. For all of us it is inevitable we are going to change and evolve and it comes through conscious awareness that we make positive choices. The cards give you a way to increase that awareness of yourself.

Through knowledge and self-understanding, you become empowered to make wise choices and transform your life to the next level. Focus of your reading will be on some of your most pressing concerns and issues. The reading will let you know yourself BETTER!

Reading Consultation – 45 minutes — $125


A golden key can open any door.Unlock Your Destiny
A reading consultation will run approximately 45 minutes. When you schedule your reading you will have an opportunity to tell me what your areas of concern are and ask any specific questions. I strive to answer your most important questions during a reading consultation. This reading consultation can be a transformational experience.

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All US Domestic calls are by phone and International calls are via Skype. Your reading is recorded, barring any technical difficulties, and a link to a MP3 recording of your reading will be emailed to you as a bonus. If you have any questions, or are not redirected to PayPal for your payment, please contact me. Thank you.