The Two of Hearts Birth CardTwo of Hearts

The Love Affair Card
Two of Hearts Birthday – December 29th Only

As one of the semi-fixed cards, the Two of Hearts are certain about their direction and will accept it from no one else. They have marvelous minds and a natural insatiable curiosity that leads to great mental development. However, they never stray far from the basic meaning of their card, that of the “lovers”. They need other people and have very high, sometimes unrealistic, ideals about love and marriage. They would always prefer to be with someone rather than be alone and will wait as long as necessary for the right person to come along. They usually end up associating with others of means and power and prefer this kind of company.

Financial fears crop up from time to time and must be handled carefully so that they do not affect their health and well-being. A study of metaphysics will always bring more positive guidance and fulfillment. Many have natural psychic ability that can be used for fun or profit. As Capricorns, all have a tendency to be too practical and hard. Lighten up Two of Hearts!

Interpretations from the My Destiny Cards applet with permission from Robert L. Camp June 2015

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