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Synastry Relationships Report

Synastry Report
A Solar Writer Report

Solar Writer Synastry Relationship Report is designed to delve into relationship astrology in an approximately 20-page all-purpose interpretations report, including:

  • Introduction — A brief introduction to the concepts of synastry astrology.
  • Individual Relating Traits — Venus in the signs, houses and soft and hard aspects, with easy-to-read introductions.

Three sections of synastry between two people’s charts including:

  • Personal Issues
  • Primary Forces
  • Generational Values

Synastry Interpretations include soft and hard aspects between the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron and the North Node.

This report describes the unique ties that exist between two people, both the strengths and weaknesses of those ties.

This approximately 19 page report is from the professional Solar Writer Suite written by astrologer Stephanie Johnson and offered through True Balance Astrology and Know Your Destiny Cards. Your report will be emailed to you in a colorful PDF format within 48 hours.

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Please provide the name, date, time and place of birth of both persons on the submissions form you will be directed to after completion of your order on PayPal.

Synastry Relationship Report – Only $20.95

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