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The Qualities — Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable

Qualities show the way a sign’s energy flows. No two signs have the same element and quality. The qualities are also called modes or quadruplicities.

The Cardinal Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.
The cardinal signs are energies that initiate change. Cardinal signs operate in sudden bursts of energy. These people have high energy, initiative and are self-starters. They like change and anything new, but they also can be impatient, impulsive and fail to complete what they start.

If you are born in a cardinal sign, you are more than likely versatile, adaptable, and fully capable of adjusting yourself to changing conditions as they occur.
Cardinal expresses energy actively and seeks challenges. The basic essence of cardinal signs is survival.

Cardinal Weak — You prefer to follow in other people’s footsteps rather than initiate actions. You can be relied on to come up with the “Goods” as long as someone else has the initial ideas. Your survival mechanisms could use some strengthening. This is a self-esteem thing!

Don’t be afraid to initiate action. Your self-esteem may have been dealt quite a blow, but that was then, this is now. You already have the “Goods” and you really don’t need anyone else to come up with the ideas for you.

Cardinal Strong — You enjoy challenge and action, and may become frustrated when you have no recourse for change. You expect others to also rise to a challenge. Hey! What’s up with the expectation on others?

First of all, it is the challenge that stimulates YOU and a challenge may not be what stimulates others. And because you enjoy a challenge you must have some idea that you have recourse for change, even if it does mean accepting people or situations as they are. That would be a change, wouldn’t it? It is what it is! Since you have the innate ability of adapting to new and changing situations as they occur, then do it.

The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.
The fixed signs are thorough and unstoppable. They’re the energies that endure. They take projects to completion, tend to block change at all costs, and will keep at something regardless of whether or not it should be terminated. They have excellent follow-through and use their determination to achieve goals and overall life success. They can be as stubborn as they are determined.

If you are born in a fixed sign, you are more than likely set in your ways and more fixed in your views than those born in cardinal or mutable signs. You are likely to have more continuity and be more difficult to sway, change or move from your position. You rarely change your mind, and are not so quick to adjust and adapt to new situations.

Fixed expresses itself by wanting to remain stable and secure. The basic essence of fixed signs is growth.

Fixed Weak — You like to flit from one thing to another, finding it difficult to settle down. You enjoy change, although you lack the stability needed to see things through. Organizing or scheduling will help.

Now there’s nothing wrong with bouncing around here and there if you are getting your “stuff” accomplished. If you are running late, then it probably impacts others. If you misplace papers, then it probably impacts something else. And then there is the domino effect. Keep a schedule, write it down, make a list and stick to it as best you can. You’ll get triple the amount accomplished when you become more organized.

Fixed Strong — To you, the best environment is a secure and stable environment where you know exactly what is going on. You do not enjoy change. You expect others to be reliable, just like yourself.

When it comes to expectations, live up to your own expectations rather than requiring someone else to live up to yours. This could be a control issue. How about you live your Natal Chart and let others live theirs. Change is good and change is often. Change can also make you more aware of opportunities and advantages when you are more open. Your joints will also feel much better when you are more flexible.

Qualities Mutable
The Mutable Signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
The mutable signs are versatile, flexible, and changeable. These are people who go with the flow, and adapt easily and quickly to any situation. They are comfortable with change, but can spread themselves too thin and be surrounded by half-completed projects. They can be scattered, fickle, and inconstant.

If you are born in a mutable sign, you more than likely have attributes of both the cardinal and fixed signs and can adapt to the nature of both those signs. Incidentally, the cardinal and fixed signs may see you (the mutable sign) as being somewhat unstable, when in reality, you are a chameleon.

Mutable expresses itself by wanting to be flexible and adaptable. The basic essence of mutable signs is adaptability.

Mutable Weak — You may find it difficult to adapt to new situations. You tend to be inflexible when faced with the demands of change and other people. Being open and flexible to new and changing situations could thrust you forward and open new opportunities for you.

The more space you give yourself, the easier it will be for you to expand. Closing yourself off to new ideas and changing circumstances could very well limit you. You must continually create expansion in your Life by clearing things that no longer serve you. If something is merely taking up space, then it is taking up something else’s space, thereby limiting growth.

Mutable Strong — You may procrastinate due to your ever-expansive flexibility. You expect others to be flexible, like yourself. If you think about how difficult it may be for you to be fixed (stable) then it will be easier to see how difficult it may be for others to be flexible (just like you).

Procrastination can be somewhat of a control issue, especially if someone or something else is waiting on you. If someone or a situation around you is fixed (stable) then this is probably because you could use some stability yourself. Embrace the fixed energy as a gift and try to incorporate a dose of it.


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