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First House – Self / Personality

House Rulership — Life, Vitality, Health

The first house represents you – your personal ambition and drive, your body, and the face you present to the world. The Ascendant (the cusp of the first house) is a strong personality influence, along with the Sun and Moon. The Ascendant, or rising sign, reflects your general temperament, likes and dislikes, personality traits, appearance, mannerisms, and how you project your personality. In a sense, the rest of your chart is filtered through your Ascendant.

Natural Rulers — Aries and Mars

Represents — You – Your Body and Personality

Keywords — I Am, Self, Self-Expression, Initiative, Self-Development, Appearances, First Impressions, Beginnings, Your Attitude, Personal Interests, Overall Personal Viewpoint and Direction, Self-Projection

House 2

Second House – Personal Finances / Possessions

House Rulership — Resources, Material Comforts, Earnings, Wealth

The second house reflects your materialistic attitude, income, money, spending habits, and whether you’re a giver, a receiver, generous or stingy. It also represents your overall financial attitudes, including those toward debt, budgeting, savings, and investments. The second house indicates whether you’re thrifty, extravagant, or somewhere in between. Possessions and earning potential also are ruled by this house.

Natural Rulers — Taurus and Venus

Represents — Personal Income and Spending Habits, Possessions, Gifts Given and Received

Keywords — I Have, I Value, Money, Finances, Values, Income, Assets, Possessions, Self-Worth, Work, Daily Routines

House 3

Third House – Communication / Learning Style

House Rulership — Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, General Family Members, Close Relations (Not Parents)

This house governs all forms of communication, including mail, blogs, calls, speaking, writing and conversation. It’s also the house of learning and describes your learning style and study habits, as well as your thinking process. Cars, errands, contracts, bicycling, skating, walking, and weekend trips are associated with the third house. This house rules your siblings and relatives in general (other than parents), plus your neighbors and neighborhood.

Natural Rulers — Gemini and Mercury

Represents — Communication, Quick Trips, Thinking Process

Keywords — I Speak, I Express, I Write, Communication, Siblings, Neighbors, Friends, Community, Errands and Quick Trips, Learning, Intellectual Interests and General Mindset

House 4

Fourth House – Home / Family

House Rulership — Parents, Mothers, Grandparents, Issues from the Past

The fourth house is the house of domestic affairs, including your home life, family, and physical home. Your roots, childhood, and parents are associated with this house, as well as your mother and father. The fourth house can indicate what you inherit from our family, including money. It also reflects the waning, or elderly, years of your life, including a general indication of what you can expect from retirement in terms of daily life.

Natural Rulers — Cancer and Moon

Represents — Home, Family, Parents, Roots, Property, Mother (or Father)

Keywords — I Feel, I Emote, Home, Family, Security, Ancestry, Property, Endings, Beginnings, Domestic Environment

House 5

Fifth House – Creativity / Children / Sports

House Rulership — Children, Pregnancy, Sex of Unborn Child, Romance, Sex

Fun and pleasure are the main focus of the fifth house. The fifth rules your leisure-time pursuits, love life, dating, creativity, sports, hobbies, socializing, and games. Your children, especially your first child, as associated with this house, although some people instead have children of the mind – creative projects. The fifth house also governs gambling and other games of chance, including investments and anything speculative that involves money.

Natural Rulers — Leo and Sun

Represents — Creativity, Children, Hobbies, Social Life, Love Life, Sports, Speculative Ventures

Keywords — I Love, I Will, Children, Creativity, Hobbies,Pleasure, Self-Expression, Recreation, Investments, Romance

House 6

Sixth House – Service / Work Environment / Health

House Rulership — Illness & Disease, Its Condition & Cause; Health Industry, Employees, Pets

The sixth house governs your specific job (your career is symbolized by the tenth house), work habits and attitudes, working environment, and coworker relationships. This is also the house of service and thus rules volunteer activities. The sixth house rules health, specifically diet, eating habits, hygiene, medical tests and personnel, chronic health conditions, and minor illnesses. Pets are also ruled by this house.

Natural Rulers — Virgo and Mercury

Represents — Work, Service, Health, Diet, Nutrition, Coworkers, Pets, Volunteer Activities

Keywords — I Serve, I Work, Daily Chores, Work, Service, Occupation, Health, Pets, Workplace Environment and Co-workers

House 7

Seventh House – Partnership / Close Relationships

House Rulership — Marriage, Intimate Relationships, Business Partnerships, Legal Contracts

The seventh house represents close relationships and business and romantic relationships, as well as how you interact with other people and the public at large. This house also rules your best friends, rivals, and known adversaries. Lawsuits, agreements, and contract negotiations are seventh house matters.

Natural Rulers — Libra and Venus

Represents — Partners (Business and Romantic) Close Relationships, Known Adversaries

Keywords — I Relate, I Harmonize, Partnership, Marriage, Cooperation, Compromise, Competitors, Admirers, the Public, Other People, Associations

House 8

Eighth House – Joint Resources / Other People’s Money

House Rulership — Death, Loss, Decay & Related Fear/Anxiety, Unexpected Inheritance; Other People’s Money

The eighth is the house of joint resources and other people’s money. It represents your partner’s (business or personal) earning potential, income, and spending habits, and you and your partner’s combined total assets. Taxes, inheritance, insurance, loans, and mortgages are ruled by this house, as are spousal maintenance and child support. The eighth house is also the house of sex.

Natural Rulers — Scorpio and Pluto

Represents — Joint Resources, Debt, Loans, Mortgages, Investments, Sex, Death, Inheritance, Insurance, Partner’s Income

Keywords — I Desire, I Transform, Transformation, Others Resources, Joint Resources, Debtors, Loans, Insurance, Inheritance, Death, Taxes, Sex

House 9

Ninth House – Higher Education / Travel

House Rulership — Higher Education, Legal Matters, Long Distance Travel

Spirituality, religion, morals and ethics, and higher education are ruled by the ninth house, which indicates your life philosophy and the value you place on post-secondary learning. Long-distance travel and communication fall here, as do publishing and the Internet. Legal matters, courts, and judges are ninth-house matters. This house also rules our relationship with in-laws.

Natural Rulers — Sagittarius and Jupiter

Represents — Higher Education, Life Philosophy, Long-Distance Travel, Religion, Spirituality

Keywords — I See, I Teach, I Travel, Travel, Knowledge, Higher Learning, Life Philosophy, Legal Matters, Spirituality, Religion, Faith, Foreign Affairs

House 10

Tenth House – Career / Status

House Rulership — Career/Vocation; Employers, Reputation, Power, Control, Fame

The tenth house is the house of achievement, recognition, prestige, and status. It rules your career and your career ambitions, honors, and promotions. The tenth house represents what you want to be noted for and thus also indicates fame – or infamy. Your relationships with your boss and other authority figures (including parents) are represented by this house, as is the government. The tenth house also represents your mother or father. I use the tenth house for the mother and the fourth house for the father.

Natural Rulers — Capricorn and Saturn

Represents — Career, Status, Achievement, Honors, Recognition, Ambition, Father(or Mother), Superiors, and Authority Figures

Keywords — I Use, I Utilize, Goals, Career, Status, Recognition, Fame, Success, Authority Figures, Government, Honors, Public Image

House 11

Eleventh House – Hopes / Friends / Groups

House Rulership — “House of Good Fortune”, Friends, Supporters, Benefactors, Hope, Trust, Fate, Goals & Ambitions

The eleventh house describes your approach to friendship and acquaintances, and your interest in groups, clubs, and organizations. This house also rules your hopes and wishes – your personal and professional goals and objectives – and the networking contacts that can help you achieve them.

Natural Rulers — Aquarius and Uranus

Represents — Friends, Acquaintances, Groups, Organizations, Goals and Objectives

Keywords — I Know, I Network, Friendship, Social Groups, Organizations, Society, Humanitarian Activities, Long Term Goals, Teamwork, Supporters, Hopes, Wishes

House 12

Twelfth House – Subconscious / Spirituality

House Rulership — Matters Hidden, Restrained, Secret, Sad Events, Sorrow, Anguish of Mind, All Manner of Affliction and Self-Undoing

This is the house of self-renewal, as it rules your subconscious and self-talk. It indicates intuitive, or psychic ability, and your inner spiritual self. But it’s also the house of self-undoing or karma and indicates where you can be your own worst enemy. The twelfth house rules secrets, worries, confidential information, and private matters, as well as deception and unknown enemies. Also ruled by the twelfth house are institutions (such as hospitals, jails, prisons, and nursing homes), charitable organizations, and government relief.

Natural Rulers — Pisces and Neptune

Represents — Subconscious, Self-Renewal, Self-Undoing, Unknown Adversaries, Health, Secrets, Behind-the-Scenes Events

Keywords — I Believe, I Fantasize, Secrets, Gossip, Institutions, Hospitals, Solitude, Spirituality, Undoing, Subconscious Mind, Hidden Activities


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