The Royal Family

The Personality Cards
The Court Cards play an important role in the Destiny system. They can represent a more advanced evolution in our soul’s journey. They are the Personality Cards that come into play at certain times in our life. For example, the Jacks will represent our younger years and the times when we are in romantic situations. The Queens take on roles of mother and nurturer, while the Kings play roles as bosses and leaders of companies when used as a Personality Card.

Personality CardsI am a Nine of Clubs. When courting my husband I was leading with my Queen of Clubs traits. As I became a mother, I can see where the Queen of Clubs became forefront. Now as a grandmother, I see this card come out again when I am with my grandchildren. I also see the Queen of Clubs influence show up when I am being of service to others. If I were to manage a business where I have a staff of people under me, then I would be utilizing the King of Clubs card when in a leadership or business person’s role.

The Court Cards Represent People
Often when the Court Cards show up in one of your spreads, it can be an indication of a person that may be playing a role with you. Sometimes it will just be the energy of the card. All cards can represent people in your life, especially when they are a Jack, Queen or King. It is very helpful to go to the Birth Cards page and look up the Birth Cards of your significant other, loved ones and those you have close relationships with, whether it be family, friends or co-workers. Watch for their cards to show up in your yearly and weekly spreads.

The Seasons and Months of the Year
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