Putting on the Suits

Each suit in the Destiny Cards has significance. It helps tell your story. As other cards, different from your birth card, show up in your yearly spread, you may be putting on the suit of another color that will influence your life.

HeartsThe Hearts
Hearts represent emotions, relationships, love, home, impulse, harmony, compassion and socializing. Hearts can also represent people, life, contacts, warmth and love and your feelings and emotions in these regards. Hearts can also signify the creative principle.

Birthdays with this suit find the greatest fulfillment in a positive expression of love, compassion and understanding. They possess sensitive yet strong emotions. They can be the most affectionate lovers and loyal friends. At best, hearts are sensitive and their sensual nature can make them among the greatest of artists, sculptors, musicians and poets. They can easily succeed in careers in public and community work. Hearts need to learn how to best utilize their emotions and recognized that with the power of love they can achieve great results. If its Hearts, we think of springtime and the element of fire.

At worse, they are vulnerable to the emotional impulsiveness or fears than can evoke negative feelings, which can turn love into violent hate, selfishness and jealousy. Delight in the sensual can turn hearts away from sensitive expressions to self-indulgence and promiscuity.

ClubsThe Clubs
Clubs is the emblem of wisdom and knowledge. Clubs represent the teacher and the receptive quality of your own mind, your type of intellectual interests and your mental reactions to people, things, and circumstances. They have an inquiring or curious mind. By paying attention to their inner voice, they can develop their intuitive abilities and unique gifts. If your birthday identifies you as a club, your prime asset is your mind. To you education of some sort is a prerequisite so that you may fulfill your responsibility of comprehending and translating the facts of life. At best, you should do well in occupations that provide you with the opportunity to share the insight of your intellectual powers, such as law, teaching, writing and counseling. When we think of Clubs we think of summertime and the element of air.

Your greatest challenge may be the temptation to abuse your powers through the manipulation of facts, negative arguments and the distortion of knowledge. Sometimes they tend to talk instead of listen and have a tendency to argue.

DiamondsThe Diamonds
If the diamond suit brings visions of jewels and money, you are on the right track, but that is not the whole story. The diamonds relate primarily to values, material and otherwise, and the ability to evaluate. In highly developed diamonds individuals this ability to evaluate goes beyond money, as they can assess personality qualities and spiritual values astutely. Diamonds represent the merchant; all money and values, the things that are tangible and capable of being acquired. Diamonds is associated with autumn and the element of water.

A truly positive diamond individual should be able to recognize and accept spiritual as well as material responsibility. If your birthday identifies you as a diamond, your sense and appreciation of values can be a great help to others. On the down side, diamonds can be trapped by material concerns, devoting lifetimes to an ever-increasing spiral of acquisitiveness.

If your card is a diamond, you are likely to be successful in occupations involved with the handling of money, manufacturing and merchandising. When your material know-how is positively applied, family, communities, even nations benefit.

SpadesThe Spades
It is not difficult to think of a spade as a symbol of work. Like the diamonds, however, the spades also symbolize another quality – higher wisdom. Spades represents the workman, and labor of the hands or brain. Spades also represent matters in health and down-to-earth situations, such as death. Wisdom is the reward of the initiate. Spades is associated with winter and the element of earth.

A suit of extremes, the spades can represent the unhappy side of life, drudgery, despair, and even death. At the other end of the spectrum, the Spade is the suit of mystics and spiritual giants. At first, the blending of drudgery and transcendental understanding may seem inconsistent. The same quiet and persevering nature that must cope with the basics of life for survival may find that those same basics are a key, a prelude to spiritual understanding.

As a rule, spades have to work hard for everything they want. All too often, this becomes their only reality, and they try to solve all their problems by the sweat of their brows. Frequently, this forces them into the most menial jobs and earthbound philosophies. The spades who are able to recognize that they have an intuitive key to higher wisdom can find the greatest fulfillment of all.

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