Planetary Influences

Planetary Influences

In astrology, we know the movement of the planets has an effect on our lives. The Destiny Cards also have a planetary influence, depending on the placement of your cards. These planetary influences have an effect on each time period you are looking at, from a day, a week, a 52-day period to your 13-year lifetime cycles.

Sun (Birth Card)
This card identifies your starting point and characteristics for your self-identity. All other spreads begin with this most important card.

Mercury – Earthly
Look for events and circumstances to happen more quickly during the Mercury period. Mercury is quick-acting and transitory and you may see sudden changes. Mercury also represents communications, intellectual pursuits, and our thinking habits.

Venus – Earthly
Venus is the planet of love. If someone relates to you from this position, then pour on the romance. The home and all matters of a personal and intimate nature are likely to come under this influence. Venus is where you express your feelings and your creative talents. It is all things beautiful and sensual. This is where your desires will show up as well as devotion, harmony, honor, and truth.

Mars – Earthly
Though many think Mars can bring aggression and war, because it is called the planet of war, Mars can also bring great energy to passions, competitive sports, and business endeavors. When you think of Mars, think of male dominated industries and relationships. Mars also deals with legal matters, lawsuits and don’t forget the sex. Mars relationships will need to have a common goal or outlet or you will see a lot of antagonism and aggression.

Jupiter – Earthly
Jupiter is the planet of blessings, wealth, abundance, and business success. When your cards are in Jupiter, you can expect growth and expansion. This is the most beneficial of all the planetary influences. You can take advantage of really good cards in Jupiter to bring in more money and expand your business. Jupiter relationships are considered beneficial. Encourage your Jupiter relationships.

Saturn – Earthly
Saturn is the planet of challenges. The Saturn influence often brings restrictions, limitations, obstacles and difficulties. There can be health challenges that show up during the Saturn influence. The challenges represented here may provide the opportunity for significant growth. Lessons learned and progress made under Saturn may be more substantial and lasting than under any other planetary influence. Relationships with someone in Saturn are sometimes called karmic. A person or experience relating to you from Saturn can be teacher, a catalyst, providing you with the opportunity to learn a most valuable lesson.

Uranus – Cosmic
Expect the unexpected while under the Uranus influence. It can bring drastic changes to lifestyle. It accents interest in spirituality, intuition, and metaphysics. It is the planet of labor, labor relations, and real estate. You can have expansion through friendships and groups. Keep an open-minded attitude and acceptance of new ideas.

Neptune – Cosmic
Neptune’s influence often pertains to matters relating to water or liquids. Often it will pertain to long journeys over water, traveling and sailing. Neptune has a very dreamy and visionary influence and often there will be fantasy, illusion, hidden matters and deception. Foreign matters are related to Neptune. Its influence will transcend limitations and can be boundless. Neptune also brings in the spiritual and metaphysical. Psychic experiences, profound inspiration, along with impractical schemes, are all symbolized here.

Pluto – Cosmic
The Pluto Card usually signifies what or who will be either a challenge for the year or will cause us to make some important changes in our life. Often it is a goal that we wish to achieve, something or someone that we want, which we don’t have when we begin the year. At other times it could represent a person or thing that is causing us much stress or discomfort. In either case, it will cause us to do things differently than we have in the recent past.

Cosmic Reward (Result) Card – Higher Octave of Jupiter
The Cosmic Reward or Result Card is who or what we will end up with by the end of the year signified in this Yearly Spread. This card represents something that may seem to be a challenge at the beginning of the year, but later becomes a sort of spiritual or material gift as the end of the year approaches. In any case, we always end up with that which is signified by this card sometime before our next birthday. The Result Card helps define the Pluto Card as the year begins. Therefore, it is often seen as a challenging influence in the beginning.

Long Range Card
The Long Range Card is one card that signifies what or who will be a major emphasis for you in the upcoming year. In itself, the card is neither good nor bad. It only tells us what or who will be important to us for the year and what or who will be the most significant focus of our attention.

Environment Card
The Environment Card is always a blessing card for the year, much like the Jupiter period’s card. It signifies someone or something that is a protective and helpful influence, or something that comes easily and is a blessing of some kind. It acts like an umbrella of protection for the entire year.

Displacement Card
The Displacement Card will signify certain experiences that you will have by virtue of the position of your Birth Card in the Grand Solar Spread this year. The Displacement Card is, in itself, neither good nor bad. Much like the Long Range Card it can signify most anything, but always something of importance for the year.

Cosmic Lesson Card – Higher Octave of Saturn
The cosmic lesson card is associated with Saturn. It represents responsibilities and lessons within a broader scope than our earthly affairs. With the cosmic lesson position, we turn our attention to more universal matters. Our Saturn card in our life spread can often signify the work that we do. It can be what we are known to do or be, or it can somehow describe our careers. Similarly, our cosmic lesson card may signify the role we play in the more universal sense of the word. This may be our debt to society, for example, or that role that we must play in order to satisfy the powers that be, whether you call that power God or the universal life force. In any case, when we are in a relationship with the person who is our cosmic lesson card, we are reminded in some way of the things that we ‘should’ do.

Moon Card
The Moon Card is always the card to the right of the Birth Card. When someone is your Moon Card, they are in your life to support you. It is one of the closest of the connections that that exist. People who share a Moon connection feel very comfortable and close to one another. There is often an immediate liking of each other when they first meet. This is especially true if the Moon connection is found in the Spiritual Spread. This implies a familiarity and recognition that could only have been created by having been together in a past life.

Cosmic Moon Card – Higher Octave of the Moon
The Cosmic Moon Card, in my opinion, is someone who is at a higher energetic vibration and is here to assist you more on your growth in the Spiritual realm.

First Karma Card
Our First Karma Card represents past-life areas to which we have an obligation to pay more attention in the current lifetime. Sometimes it can represent our ‘weak’ side in one or more ways. It is said that we must give to the energy or issue that our First Karma Card represents. The real message with the First Karma Card is that we must pay more attention to it. By choosing to look at it and eventually embrace it, we fulfill its purpose in our life and derive a positive expression of it instead of the more negative expression that we start out with in life.

Second Karma Card
Our Second Karma Card represents past-life gifts and abilities and areas in which we are somewhat gifted in expression. Most people find that the expression of the energies represented by their Second Karma Card comes easily and naturally and tends to be on the positive side. Thus, it is often referred to as our ‘good karma’.


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