Days of the Week


When you know the day of the week you were born, then you can determine which days have what planetary influences. I was born on a Sunday so my Mercury day is Sunday; Venus is Tuesday; Mars is Wednesday, etc. If you were born on a Thursday, then your Mercury day would be Thursday.

The planetary influences go in the order below and the day you were born starts the cycle with your Mercury day. The daily influence is not as strong because it is a much shorter period. Pay attention to your days and see how the themes play out in your day to day activities.

Your Mercury Day
Your Mercury Day is always the day on which you were born. Good day for communications, share ideas, meetings and phone calls. Anything short and quick such as quick trips. Helpful for all relationships.

Your Venus Day
Your Venus day is a day of socializing, friendships, women and shopping. Also music and art, entertainment, home, family and personal beautification. Love, either close friendship or intimate, good for marriage or any relationships. Have some fun today and spend time with those you love.

Your Mars Day
Your Mars day is aggressive, passionate and action-oriented. You are feeling energetic and competitive. This is a day of aggression, competition, anger, passion or lust. Great day for legal matters, marketing and cold calling as well as sports activities.

Your Jupiter Day
Your Jupiter day will bring out the best of whatever card lands on this day. Jupiter has a beneficial influence for financial growth, spiritual or material matters. This is a day of gains and rewards, growth and expansion. Open yourself up to the abundance of life.

Your Saturn Day
Pay attention to your obligations on your Saturn day. This can be a day of restrictions, challenges, learning lessons and karmic relationships. You may work harder and have to give attention to your health today. This may be the hardest day of the week for you and you can get a lot accomplished if you work hard. This is also a day to learn valuable lessons.

Your Uranus Day
Expect the unexpected on your Uranus day. This can be a day of change, rebellion and truth. It also relates to real estate matters, group and new activities. This is also a day to bring in good things you may have not thought about.

Your Neptune Day
Neptune is your day of hopes and dreams, wishes and fears. This is a good day for creative, imaginative work, meditation and escape from the norm. Take a vacation day to avoid the confusion that can show up on this day. It is a day of illusions and self-deception. A good day to delve into spiritual or mystical studies.

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