Auspicious Years

Auspicious Years
Auspicious Years are years in which certain cards, because of their placement, make way for particular events or circumstances to be available for us.  For instance, the card spread for a particular year may indicate wish fulfillment years, years of recognition and years with good money cards.

At ages 44 and 45, and 89 and 90 everyone has their Prebirth and Rebirth Years.  These are years when the yearly spreads begin their cycle again.  We have a chance to review our past, learn from it and sore to greater heights going forward.

Because the cards go in a 45 year cycle, you can review any two years which are 45 years apart such as ages 5 and 50, or 14 and 59.  This is true for all the cards except for the Fixed and Semi-fixed cards, which either do not ever move, or switch places with their Cosmic Soul Twin.

There are different cycles we go through at different ages depending on our Birth Cards and age.  The Fated Years and years in which we can deepen our sense of self and find our life purpose can be some very powerful information to know.

Would it help you to know when you might be having difficult endings, caution years, and by all means, blessed ending years?  It can be empowering to know when your challenging years are and what years you may need to be more cautious.  Better yet is to know when the energy of the card cycles are giving you a boost so you don’t miss out on opportunities for love, joy, wealth and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Below is a list of the Auspicious Years we look for when doing a reading for you.  You will also receive a list of Auspicious Years when you order a Destiny Card Life Report.

  • The PreBirth and ReBirth Years – Ages 44 and 45, Ages 89 and 90
  • The Critical Year – Age 52 – BIG things can happen in this year – even ‘life or death’ decisions
  • The Purpose-Finding and Fated Years – Any 6 Displaced, Long-Range, Result, or Environment
  • Years of Blessed Endings – Any 9 in Jupiter, Result, or Environment
  • Difficult Ending Years – Any 9 in Saturn, Long-Range, Displacement, or Pluto
  • Years of Caution – Displacing the 4 of Hearts or 7 of Hearts, or Ace of Spades Long-Range, Saturn, Pluto, or Displacement, or Six of Spades in Saturn
  • Personal Challenge Years – Any 7 in Saturn, Pluto, Long-Range, or Displacement
  • Ascent to the Pinnacle Year – Displacing the 10 of Clubs
  • The Pinnacle Year – Displacing the 8 of Diamonds
  • The Most Blessed Year – Displacing the 10 of Diamonds
  • Years of Wish Fulfillment – Displacing the 10 of Spades, 4 of Clubs, 3 of Spades, 7 of Spades or 8 of Hearts
  • Years of Recognition – Displacing the 4 of Hearts, 4 of Diamonds, 2 of Spades, 8 of Hearts, 7 of Spades, or 8 of Hearts
  • Years with Good Money Cards – Displacing the 5 of Clubs (gives the 7 of Diamonds/9 of Hearts or 9 of Hearts/Seven of Diamonds in Jupiter), 8 of Diamonds or 10 of Diamonds in Jupiter, Long-Range, Environment or Result
  • King of Spades Long-Range Card – One of the most powerful and potentially rewarding. The King of Spades is considered to be the most powerful card in the deck.

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