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Destiny Cards Explained | About The Cards

In the drop down menus under About the Cards, you will find a little information so that you may be able to understand your cards and reports a better. The Destiny Card system is complex, however, working with some descriptions and keywords will help you navigate through your cards. Click on the drop down buttons under “About the Cards” from the top menu bar to view each area of information. You may also reach these pages by clicking on the links below:

Science of the Cards
The Value of Numbers

The Royal Family
Putting on the Suits
Planetary Influences
Days of the Week
Auspicious Years

The Spreads

The Spiritual Spread and the Life Spread are the most important spreads of the Destiny Cards System. The Spiritual Spread is how your cards are laid out prior to your birth. It is the most perfect spread. The Life Spread is the layout used for your spread that spans your entire lifetime. It is from this spread that the cards are quadrated to make up the other 90 spreads for each year of your life.


Free Destiny Card Reading

Each day please take advantage of the My Destiny Cards widget on the upper right side of this page to see your new card of the day. You will learn that the other three cards will change at specific intervals that include your yearly birthday and each 52 day period of your life spread.