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Know Your Destiny Cards

Unlock Your DestinyDestiny Cards – a window into the future! Learn to understand more about the people in your life and more about yourself.

As simple as knowing a birthday, you can learn to understand more about why you are and how you are. Begin to understand the relationships of the people in your life.

Know Your Destiny Cards

The Destiny Cards System is a unique divination system that is based on a regular deck of playing cards, symbolism, astrology and numerology. The cards, which change position each year on your birthday, can give insight into your Life’s Journey.

Destiny Cards is not a random system. Every card for every year has its specific position, which brings essential information into your life and your relationships.

There is a specific Birth Card for every birthday which is your main card for Life. You can look up your Birth Card, or someone else’s Birth Card by knowing the month and day of their birth. The Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card come from the Life Spread. The year is only needed in Yearly Spreads.

Your Planetary Ruling Card is based on your astrological sun sign. Think of your Birth Card as your Sun Sign in Destiny Cards and your Planetary Ruling Card(s) as your Rising Sign. You can learn more about yourself and others by looking at the interpretations of these cards.

Look Up Your Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card below.

Birth Card
Planetary Ruling Card

If you wish to learn more about the Destiny Cards System, browse my website and order these two books.

Cards of Your Destiny (This book will teach you the system.)

Love Cards (This book goes more into relationship connections.)

An Amazing Sacred System Based on Playing Cards

Destiny Cards – The Perfect Calendar for Your Life

Destiny Cards Explained

Destiny Cards Life Reports, Yearly Reports, Calendars, and Love Cards Relationship Reports are available here.

Know Your Destiny Cards EVERY DAY with the FREE My Destiny Cards app. (Top of Page in Right Column)

ANSWERS to Your Life’s Questions about Love, Family, Work, Money, Relationships, Travel, Business, Finance, Children, Marriage, Health, Divorce…What’s Next when You Know Your Destiny Cards!

Tools for Studying The Cards
For the avid reader and student of the cards to the Professional Cardologer, you will find much knowledge posted on my website. In the About the Cards section you will find basic history and information about reading the Destiny Cards. I’m most proud to have the Solar Quadration Charts section launched.

This section contains all of the quadrated spreads including the Spiritual Spread, Life Spread, and Ages 0 – 90. You can also order Linear Spreads and Connection List Reports to make sure you are working with the most accurate information. Watch for more pages being added to understand your personal cards. I hope this is the “go-to” place for your Destiny Cards information.

Are YOU ready to take charge of YOUR Life?
Are you ready to take charge of YOUR life and make empowered choices for YOUR future? Are you ready to stop running on autopilot?   Unlocking the secrets to YOUR life — past, present and future — can give YOU valuable insight to YOUR relationships, career, health, finances, security, prosperity and more…

Learn how the experience of your past influences your life now.  Understand how your karma from past lives and your current life might affect you in both positive and negative ways. Gain knowledge about your Birth Card and Planetary Ruling Card in order to see the possibilities that lie ahead of you.

They say what you don’t know won’t hurt you, BUT…
Fear of the unknown can stop you in your tracks. Fear of change can keep you in a rut. Fear of failure and, yes, fear of success can put limits and restrictions on how you live your life. What is the quality of life you are living now? You must pursue new experiences, learn from past mistakes, and go the extra mile when the cards of life are in your favor. You can be fulfilled, have fun, laugh, love, and be happy, and prosperous when you are on the right path.

FulfillmentKnowledge and self-understanding are fundamental to making better choices and opening doors to opportunity. Understanding yourself, and what cards fate has dealt you, will open you up to new avenues of adventure and more fulfilling experiences.

With the knowledge from your cards, you can face your fears and move forward with courage and confidence. You may not be able to control the things around you, but you can control your reaction by looking at your cards and understanding what may lie ahead of you.

Free Destiny Card Reading App

Enter your birth date in the My Destiny Cards widget in the right sidebar. This free reading will give you a snapshot of your Birth Card, Your Card for This Year, Your 52 Day Card, and Your Card for Today. When you hover your cursor over one of the cards, you will see a dialog box open with a short description. You can also see what your Karma Cards are. Visit this website daily for your new card of the day.

Destiny Cards Life ReportThe Destiny Cards Life and Yearly Reports
Learn more about the reports by clicking here. Remember knowledge leads to experience which leads to self-understanding. You can also travel to the Birth Card page and read about your Birth Card. Having a little insight to your soul’s path can help you begin your journey.

If that piques your interest then you may want to order one of the Destiny Reports to receive an informative interpretation of your Life Spread and/or your current Yearly Spread.

The Love Cards Relationship Reports
Love Cards Relationship Reports are very accurate and you will find they give you much information and clues about your relationships with people. Whether you are in an intimate relationship or want to know about your compatibility with friends and family, you will gain valuable information from these reports.

Business compatibility is so important in the workplace. Are you in a business partnership, or want to collaborate with someone to start or grow your business? It would be strategic to know this is the right business relationship for all concerned. Would you like to learn more about the dynamics and compatibility with your boss or co-workers?  A Business Compatibility report is what you need.